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Straw Bale Gardens by Joel Karsten (6 Winners!)

Straw Bale Gardens by Joel Karsten on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

Last week, Joel Karsten returned to the Still Growing Gardening Podcast in episode SG556 to tell us all about his amazing trip to help farmers in Cambodia. At the end of the episode, Joel graciously offered to give-away six copies of his original book on Straw Bale Gardening.

The six winners of Joel Karsten’s bestselling book Straw Bale Gardens are…

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The Steps to Successful Straw Bale Gardening Episode SG516

America’s Straw Bale Gardening expert and author Joel Karsten has helped thousands of gardeners with his breakthrough method of gardening. In this week’s episode (SG516), I chat with Joel Karsten about the specific steps to successful Straw Bale Gardening. It all starts with a process Joel calls conditioning and he shares his formula on the show today.

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SG515 Straw Bale Gardening Pioneer Joel Karsten

Straw Bale Gardens Part 1

In this episode of Still Growing…(SG 515), I feature life-long entrepreneur and Straw Bale Gardening pioneer Joel Karsten.

Twenty years ago, Joel Karsten had a brilliant idea.

When he could find no academic support for his idea of using straw bales as a substrate to grow vegetables, he returned to his childhood home on a farm in Southwestern Minnesota. In a show of support, Joel’s Dad welcomed him home with a whole hayrack full of 50 straw bales.

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Joel Karsten Author of Straw Bale Gardens

Joel Karsten Straw Bale Gardens

Visitors to the Maple Grove Garden Tour will have the chance to meet Joel Karsten Author of Straw Bale Gardens. Straw Bale Gardens became a New York Times  Best Selling book this year after people discovered this simple, yet revolutionary way to grow a bountiful garden without using herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides, and without weeding. Joel was born…

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