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7-14-17 Botany Puns and Weeding Quotables

QuotablesHeard Weekly on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast     Psst… The stars are interactive – so click around. This week’s Quotables post is read aloud in the Quotables Segment included in the Garden News Roundup as part of the Still Growing Gardening Podcast – a weekly Podcast dedicated to helping you + your garden grow.  The Garden News Round…

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Back to School, Writing & Weeding

Emma and Will First Day of School at Parnassus Preparatory 2013

The View From Up Here this week is all about Back to School, Writing & Weeding. Will and Emma start 6th and 8th grade at Parnassus Preparatory. I’ve been busy writing and re-designing for my website. On the garden front, myself and other garden bloggers are focusing on the topic we can’t get away from this summer: weeds!

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