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Trifling Words

Trifling Words

Thanks to Will and his study of the Civil War this past quarter, I found a touching quote by Lew Wallace. Who was Lew Wallace?

A proud Hoosier, his time as a Civil War Union General proved disastrous for him. Through a series of miscommunications, he failed to lead his men to Shiloh where Union soldiers were slaughtered by Sherman and his men. By the time, Wallace arrived on the scene, there was little he could do and his military career was essentially over.
In a satisfying turn of events, Lew Wallace ended up becoming a writer and enjoyed a celebrated place in history as the author of Ben-Hur.

Wallace was a man who knew both public shame and admiration during his lifetime. Sadly, he endured more than just trifling words as a result of his actions in the battle of Shiloh. Indeed, the shame from that experience stayed with him to the end of his days.

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The Ultimate Prep Checklist for Parent Teacher Conferences

Emma and Will First Day of School at Parnassus Preparatory 2013

Happy Friday!

Today is a big day – it’s Parent-Teacher Conference Day!

They can sneak up on you faster than Daylight Savings… those darn Parent-Teacher Conferences. After 12 years of good, bad, and ugly – I’m sharing my Ultimate Prep Checklist for Parent Teacher Conferences.
I’ve found that if I don’t take a few moments to collect my thoughts, the whole experience can be a real let-down.

So l put together what I call The Ultimate Prep Checklist for Parent Teacher Conferences. It’s what I do with my kids and I’ve found that it really helps me to maximize the 10 minutes I have face-to-face with the teacher.

This is the process I’ve honed with my older kids at Parnassus (School of Logic 5th – 8th Grade), I meet with them together to discuss each subject and teacher.

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Harvard AMP and Boston Fall Trip 2013

Kids in front of Kresge Hall

The kids and I made it back from Boston today – and this fabulously sunny day was the perfect welcome home. Our Harvard AMP and Boston Trip Fall 2013 was a five day whirlwind visit to see Phil during his break from the Harvard AMP. As a reference for future visiting families, Harvard puts together a lovely program for the visiting families. Let me guide you through our jam-packed visit…

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July 2013 Photo Stream

This week marked the end of July – a month that flew by for me. Admittedly, I recognize that organizing a garden tour for 1,000 people with 15 presenters spread across four different garden locations probably had something to do with the fact July sort of got away from me. When I looked back at…

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One last snowman…

Most people will see this little snowman in front of our house this week and think nothing of it. In this post I share why, for me, this little snowman is a reminder that Will is growing up. Still growing…

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A New School for Fall 2012

Emma and Will ready for Parnassus Orientation Once again this fall I find myself hoping that I’m doing the right thing… This time for my oldest two. Talk about guinea pigs.  Emma and Will have been to private school, then home-schooled, attended public school and are now set to attend Parnassus Prep – a new…

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