Some things never change

September 2016 |

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Some things never change.

You know how Facebook reminds you of old status updates with those On This Day photo memories?

Generally speaking, they make me feel a little sad because old pictures of the kids just seem to punctuate how fast they're growing up now that they're teenagers.

On the last day of August, Facebook reminded me of this memory of Sonny hanging his head out the window on his way to Puptown.

It made me smile.Sonny rides to Puptown 2014 the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

This is how Sonny rolls!
This is the way he has always rode in the minivan; resting his jaw on the sliver of the rear passenger window (it won't fully roll down), one ear flapping in the wind, and gazing straight ahead as if he was wonderdog incarnate - intent on saving a hot poodle in distress.

By September, the ferns on the front porch are truly stunning. If they were made of snow, they'd be the perfect base for a snowman - that's how ginormous they are - over three feet in diameter. They look positively engorged. Any day now, the hook that connects them to the pulley contraption could snap - and I would completely understand.

September 2016 Ginormous Boston Ferns the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog


And the containers?

They are at their peak right at this very moment! The thrillers are thrilling, the fillers are lusty and lush, and the spillers are nearing the ground (or on the ground in some cases) and yet they always seem a little unenthused about a land invasion.

Yep. Things are about to get leggy.Spillers Spilling the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

September is a time to remember how we used to roll.


Meal planning and prep.

Leveraging every minute after school.

After supper routines.

Fully stocked backpacks, little dorm fridges in the garage, and socks drawers.

Back in April/May, I was a home systems boss. I had checklists for my checklists. Nothing slipped by me.


Now it takes the entire month of September to get it all back; how we dressed, what we ate, and how we organized ourselves back when the weather was colder.

Fortunately by October, we'll be fully onboard; enjoying cold crops and making extra batches of soup, wearing new jackets and boots; cooking squash and roast beef ahead for busy weekends, repurposing old sweaters and sheets to protect plants from early frosts.


For me, this September marks the last year I'll have a kid in an elementary school.

Ok, that's kinda nice.


However, it also marks the first year I'll have a kid driving himself to school (with his sister in tow).

Now, that's a little scary.
Alexandria Minnesota All Four Kids the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog

Btw - I'm so glad we celebrated G&G Ebeling's 50th Anniversary the last weekend in August. The kids had a great time with their cousins. And, we didn't take a summer vacation this year - there just wasn't a free moment this summer.


Anyway, there is yet another milestone that has us all taking notice.

This will be the last September that I'm taller than PJ. 

They measured him at the doc's after he jammed his thumb playing 3 on 3, and he's just a quarter inch away from catching me.Almost 6 feet tall the Still Growing Gardening Podcast 6ftmama blog


But, he'll always be my baby.

Some things never change.

Well, that's the View From Up Here for September 2016.


Still growing...

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