Time for Cards? Try Sevens

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you’re enjoying having your little ones home from school another day.

Here in Maple Grove, it was another -20 degree day. (Bringing our total of missed schools days due to cold to a record of five!)

To pass the time, we’ve been playing a lot of cards at our house.

Sevens card game Will 6ftmama.com

Our new favorite is Sevens.

Big shout out to my friend, Terri Trask, who introduced me to the game. It’s quickly become a family favorite.

I’ve looked online for some official rules and found none – so I thought I’d share it on the blog today.

Here’s how to play:


3-8 players


Standard 52-card deck.  King is high; Ace is low.


To be the first player to get rid of all your cards.  

You don’t want to be holding a fist full of cards if someone goes out! Right, PJ?

PJ sevens card game 6ftmama.com


Shuffle the deck and choose a dealer, who deals the entire deck out.

Some players may receive one card more than others. This will even out over several hands (the deal rotates left).

For little players, card holders (like this one) are perfect for keeping cards organized.

John Sevens Card Game Card Sorter 6ftmama.com

Emma is feeling confident.

Emma sevens card game good hand 6ftmama.com

btw: The first thing I taught the kids was how to organize their hand. From there, we work on card etiquette with each new game.


A play consists of playing one card on the foundations according to the following rules:

The first player is the person who has the 7 of Spades

PJ Card Holder 6ftmama.com

PJ checks his cards and realizes he has the 7 of spades, so he goes first.

Sevens card game start 7 spades 6ftmama.com

The next player can either play the 6 or the 8 of Spades or they can lay down another 7 in another suit.  

Sevens card game second play 6ftmama.com

(Note after the 7 of Spades – the other 7’s can be played in any order).

Sevens card game play 3 6ftmama.com

Place the 6 to one side of the 7 and the 8 to the other.

sevens card game play 4 6ftmama.com

sevens card game play 5 6ftmama.com

Future plays are made on these cards (the 6’s & 8’s), and always in sequential order.

On the 6s, the sequence is 5-4-3-2-A. On the 8s, the sequence is 9-10-J-Q-K.

In subsequent suits, cards can only be laid if they have already been played on the foundations in the previous suit.

Here’s what the table look like midway through our game.

Sevens card game in play 6ftmama.com

In the photo above, you can see that no one can play the 3 of hearts until the 3 of spades is played.

Likewise, the 9 of hearts can be played because the 9 of spades has been played.  (But, the 9 of clubs cannot be played until the 9 of hearts is played.)

If you cannot play a card, you must pass.

But, if you pass, the player to your right gives you a card.

John just passed me the Ace of Spades.  Thanks John.

Sevens card game pass 6ftmama.com

You can go out either by playing a card or by passing a card.


The first player to play all of his cards wins the hand.

The player with the fewest points wins the game.

Check it out – I’m going to win!!! (I’ve been losing all weekend. Now, I  play this demo for the blog and lady luck has paid me a visit!!)

Moms going to win 6ftmama.com

The kids are such gracious losers.

Emma Will reaction 6ftmama.com

It’s just a game. Right, guys?

John pj reaction 6ftmama.com


Obviously the lowest score is the winner (zero point to declare) and you can shut the game down anytime.

(We decided to play to 700. In other words, whoever has the lowest score when another player reaches 700 wins the game).

Card Values:

7’s – 50 points

Aces – 20 points

10’s – Face Cards – 10 points

2’s – 9’s – 5 points

To Emma’s glee, Will’s counting up his many, many points.Counting points 6ftmama.com

This game is fast-paced and card games do not get much simpler than this.

As our scorecard shows, the tide can turn quickly – losers become winners with a few good hands.

sevens card game scorecard 6ftmama.com

The best part of unexpected snow days is getting to spend time together.

Why not enjoy it with a bit of fun? Sevens is just the trick! 

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  1. ann saylor on January 29, 2014 at 8:19 am

    What fun! I think I played this once years ago, but haven’t seen it since. My kids will enjoy this, and I’m going to repost it on my blogs (www.mommysecrets.blogspot.com and http://www.theassetedge.net/blog). Thanks!!

  2. ann saylor on January 29, 2014 at 8:21 am

    As I started to repost, I looked at your ‘about me’ post and realized that you are 6ft. I’m also a tall mama – I’m 6’1″. It’s fun to know that two tall moms love games and kids. Blessings 🙂

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