Top 10 Cool and Affordable Kitchen Items at Kitchen Window

My awesome girlfriend, Jen, and I had a fun time last night shopping at Kitchen Window in Minneapolis.  We took a class on Spring Mini Pies (more on that to come…) and during the break we were escorted around the store by the engaging Mark W. who showed us his top 10 cool and affordable kitchen items at Kitchen Window.  See what we found…

Top 10 Cool and Affordable Kitchen Items at Kitchen Window

We only had a 15 minute break from our Kitchen Window cooking class, but with Mark’s help we were able to tour the best, affordable, and fun items in the store.  Here we go (in order of my favorites).

Bash and ChopThe first thing we looked at was the Bash and Chop. We used it in our pastry class and it is super functional. I know I will use it a ton. It is great for cleaning work surfaces like counters, cutting boards and tables. I love the measurements on the blade for measuring bar cookies or ravioli. You can use it to transfer food and I can throw it in the dishwasher for cleanup.  It is just $7.99.





8 Cocktail MixersI could not resist these sweet 8″ cocktail mixers. The kids will love them for making chocolate milk. They have a great feel and look. They were $2.75 each.






Magnetic Measuring Spoons

I didn’t actually buy these magnetic measuring spoons (so this is a bonus item).  But I had to show them to you.  They all hold together with magnets and Mark said they fly out of the store.  I was soooo tempted.  But, I really don’t need another set of measuring spoons!






The Original Spaghetti ScrubI’ve been needing a new scrubber and this is Mark’s favorite: The Original Spaghetti Scrub Coarse – made with Corn Cobs. Mark loves it and says it doesn’t get smelly with use the way other scrubbers often do because it dries super fast. He also said his lasted about a year. I love the color. It was $8.99.






Winter White Honey from Savannah Bee CompanyI know Spring is almost here – but hey, it’s Minnesota and we’re getting a few snow storms this week – and I simply could not pass up this Winter White Honey from Savannah Bee Company. They make this honey from wildflower blossoms in Northern Idaho. I cannot wait to put this on an english muffin or buttered toast. One of the ladies in the store told me she loves to put it on cinnamon rolls or gingerbread cookies. Another gal told me she mixes it with some hot sauce, brown sugar and walnuts and puts it on poultry or pork.  Yum! I guess this is a seasonal item so I’m not sure if they carry it year round.  This was $12.99.




vanilla sugar by ajikaWe tried this amazing Vanilla Sugar by Ajika tonight and it is crazy good. We put it on the pastry scraps as a little cookie finish. Mark said it would be awesome on popcorn. I think you could use it almost any way you use sugar – in coffees, teas, on cupcakes, etc. The kids will love this. It was $7.99.







The Microplane Zester/Grater is something I’ve wanted for a while. My cooking friend says it is one of her favorite kitchen gadgets and she uses it for everything (citrus peels, cheese, herbs, nutmeg, ginger, etc…) I guess it makes quick work of zesting – which is a step I often skip because I didn’t want to take the time to do it. Now, I’m looking forward to it! It was $16.99.





Creole Cognac Mustard from Cherith Valley gardensMark talked me into this fabulous Creole Cognac Mustard from Cherith Valley Gardens and I’m so glad he did. It is made with course ground mustard (a favorite of Phil’s), vinegar, brown mustard seed, salt, Brandy and French Cognac. It has a Creole kick to it and they recommend it on smoked sausage or pork tenderloin. This baby has Memorial Day weekend written all over it. It was $8.95.





Mark with the 1.4" Rösle Pastry BrushHere’s Mark showing off the Rösle Pastry Brush.  This little brush is so sweet and the bristles hang on to lighter marinades the way the plastic pastry brushes don’t.  I’m excited to use this!  I bought the 1.4″ pastry brush.  It was $16.00






The Black Cheese Knife Ultem Resin from General Black ProductsHere’s a little product I didn’t know about before Mark’s tour: The Black Cheese Knife. This is another little gem that is very popular at Kitchen Window. The whole knife is plastic – from blade to handle. It cuts through all cheeses with no drag or mess. It is very light and the handle has a comfortable rubber grip. I also like that the handle has a whole in the end, so if you want to hang it up you can. My kids often help me put cheese plates together. This knife works like magic and doesn’t require so much pressure. Wonderful for arthritis and safer for the kids to use than a regular knife. It was $17.99.




Wine PreserverHere is my personal favorite: The Wine Preserver. I am super excited to bring this to a party. Everyone brings wine… but I’ll bring the Wine Preserver! The can comes with a straw (think WD40) and you squirt it into your wine bottle to help preserve the leftover wine. The can feels empty, but it actually contains harmless nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. The can says it has 120 full uses and that you will know it is empty when it no longer makes a hissing sound when you spray it. Remember when you use it that only the surface area of the wine needs to be covered, not the entire empty part of the bottle. I’ve got two open bottles left over from book club that I will be getting them preserved with this tomorrow. It was $11.99.



Me and Mark from Kitchen WindowHere’s me and Mark from Kitchen Window on our tour. As my kids would say, “Dude, thanks for the tour and these awesome recommendations!




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  1. The Engineer on March 14, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    So…how much of this great stuff did you actually buy last night?

    And who is this Mark character?


    • 6ftmama on March 15, 2013 at 12:06 am

      Ha. Ha. Honey. Don’t you worry about my shopping. Just wait til you try the pork chops this weekend…

  2. Michele Bergh on March 17, 2013 at 12:54 am

    Ahhh, how fun! I love gadgets and it looks like you found a few great ones. I’ll have to check out their classes too. I’ve been looking at taking another cooking class.

  3. Jennifer Riziq on March 17, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Oh Jen that was such a blast, I gotta tell you, I opened up that spaghetti scrub the other day, there are four of them in there! And, it worked so amazing!!! I couldn’t believe how beautifully it cleaned my AlClad pans that you can only use certain materials on to clean them. I loved it so much I started looking around the kitchen for other things that have always been hard to scrub completely clean. I was so impressed! We also opened up the honey this am and Yumillisious! Also can’t wait to try the bash n chop, the wine thing, and the cognac pork ribs mix.

  4. 6ftmama on March 21, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Thanks ladies. The class was so fun. I’ll have a post on my favorite recipe from the spring mini-pies class, soon. Jen, I agree. The little scrubby is pretty amazing!

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