The View From Up Here August 2016

August is a second spring in the garden and girl you know it's true.

Sorry - I've been mashing thoughts and lyrics together all day.

In the garden, most of the herbs are bolting. Speaking of bolting, I'm just a little over a month away from having the four kids head back to school. They know it's almost time for it, too, because we've tossed our routines to the wind.

We laugh right in the face of our clocks.

We've gone from repeatedly hitting snooze on our iPhones in the morning to changing our alarm sounds to "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin because we pretty much need to blast ourselves out of bed.

We're at peak laissez-faire mode at our house. Any semblance of a bedtime has been completely shot to hell.

There's laundry in piles of clean and dirty and they're getting mixed up and rewashed regularly.

When we run out of dog food - we resort to a peanut butter sandwich because it's summer for Sonny, too.


Yep. It's every person for themselves around here after suppertime.

Start a movie at 9pm?

Make cookies right after the kitchen just got cleaned up?

Snag a bowl of ice cream right before bed?

Sure, why not?

Schools almost here. We're milking every minute of these summer nights.  There's plenty of time for schedules and sleep during the school year, right?


Here's my little shutterbug.My Little Shutterbug August 2016 6ftmama blog

I'm so glad she's taken up photography this year. That camera was a Christmas present and it's been the best gift for my teen girl.


Speaking of photography, right before writing this post, I broke every photography rule in the book and ran out mid-day to get some quick pics for ya'll in the blazing August sun.

There are some things in the garden I wanted to show you - totally unfiltered btw - and what I want to remind myself of later in the year.

Soon, there will be two feet of snow outside and my garden brain will be in deep hibernation.  After the snow falls, I truly can't remember what my garden looked like in August.

Seasonal Garden Amnesia is real people.

It's a sad fact of life.


That's why ya gotta take pictures of your garden in the summer!


So, future self - look at that lettuce bolting out of the container in western garden.

Bolting lettuce August 2016 6ftmama blogIt's a spiller, filler, thriller all in one now.


And, check out the Hugh Jackman Clemetis.

Jackmani still blooming in August 2016 6ftmama blogThat is a much better name, isn't it?

Positively Delicious to the eyes.

Still sending out blooms late in the summer.


Hey and don't forget Ms. Winter Jennifer - how glorious the Red Deer Tongue lettuce looks when it has gone to seed.

Red Deer Tongue lettuce from Renee's Garden gone to seed August 2016 6ftmama blogI am saving these seeds for next year.

So use them. Don't abuse them.

Don't forget them on the porch like you did last year. Doh!

I loved this lettuce - it was one of my favorite new-to-me edibles this year.


Oh, thyme. Always marching on.

Oh Thyme 6ftmama blog

Do you have time for my thyme haiku?

You do?


Take time out for thyme:

Creeping but not that creepy -

tromped upon daily.


I'm so glad I bought Spearmint this Spring.

(Note to future snow-bound self - do that again!)Spearmint in clay pots mini chalkboard labels August 2016 6ftmama blogI

I've propagated it into many of the clay pots around the garden.

This guy is back by the grill - ready to garnish that ice cold drink while the chops are sizzling.

I love the little mini chalkboards I found at Goodwill. I knew they would make for sweet plant labels. Super cute.


For good measure, I took a few more shots from the South garden before heading back in the house.

Its still pesto time somewhere August 2016 6ftmama blog

I call this photo of basil,  "It's pesto time somewhere".

I know that's what we'll be doing this week. We're making batches of pesto until the parmesan runs out.


The grapes are beautiful over the arbor right at this very moment. She saw the arbor grapes August 2016 6ftmama blogThey are almost iridescent in the August sunlight.

Can you believe that I don't do a thing with them?

I just look at them.

And, smile as I walk under the arbor.

I leave them for the birds.

Coneflowers anyone August 2016 6ftmama blog

Ice Cream Cone flowers anyone?


Here's a little something that folks loved on the garden tour.Mysteries are best read in a garden August 2016 6ftmama blog

I bought this clay container and the stacked books a few years ago.

And here's how to drive folks plum crazy - the red succulent is fake...

hehe. 🙂

A phlox by any other name would not be this phlox August 2016 6ftmama

A phlox by any other name would not be this phlox.

No idea what it's called.

Don't know.

Don't care.


Look at my little girl - I mean my 15 year old.

Oh screw it.

My little girl.


Summer girl 15 years old first job today August 2016 6ftmama blogShe's playing the part of Mr. Mayor in Seussical summer theater. She's an alto. Who knew?

Nothing better than learning your lines in a hammock.

Really, there's nothing better than learning/reading/writing anything while in a hammock.

And, she just got hired for her first real job today.

It's a milestone for sure.

They're soooooo lucky to have her.

She's going to look so cute in her uniform.


An entire load of Lunds and Byerly's clothes in the washer... My dreams are coming true!

Half of my children are working before the age of 16.

The midwestern work ethic lives on in another generation.


I adore that we converted our swing set into a hammock set.Hammock Swings on the swingset August 2016 6ftmama blog

We can sit in the hammock chairs and rock ourselves by pulling on the black ropes.

A totally back-to-the-womb experience...

Great with a glass of wine.



Here's the dill doing it's thing in August.Dill doing its thing August 2016 6ftmama blog

I always let my dill bolt - I so love the flowers.

They are so much like the globe alliums, aren't they?  

Bonus - the dill scent.


Mint Tails anyone August 2016 6ftmama blogMint tails anyone?

They are so soft and they are sooooo fragrant.

This is a mojito mint.

I slip a few of these in the car for air freshener. It really does work.


The roses are blooming! The roses are blooming!

Second flush I still havent recovered from the first one August 2016 6ftmama blog


Second flush baby - I still haven't recovered from the first one.

I haven't even pruned these guys yet this year.


I call this pic "Let me show you how it's done..." because it looks like the open flower is teaching the novice right below the petal.

Let me show you how its done August 2016 6ftmama blog

These guys are rampant in my garden.

I wish I'd written down the name when Heidi Heiland visited.

I must remember to ask her the next time I'm at GrowHaus.


Sadly, the bloom is off the hosta. Now it's just the jagged shoots.

The bloom is off the hosta... but the sedum show starts in 15 minutes August 2016 6ftmama blog

Time to snip the stalks.

Time to snip the scraggly leaves.

Fall cleanup is ever so much easier when these things get taken care of this time of year.


Yes, it's August.

Herbs are bolting.

The kids need new shoes.

There's a bag of cotton candy stuck to the floor of the van.

Sleep schedules have run amok.

The asteraceae are up and singing hits like,

"The State Fair's  around the corner, baby"


"Oh Child, where did I put the copy of your immunization form?"

These happy sunflower days...

The grapes are beautiful over the arbor right at this very moment.

Well, that's the View From Up Here for August 2016.


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