We’re Having a Heat Wave

The forecast is calling for a weeklong heat wave. As I write this, the temperature outside is 100 degrees. I’ve been thinking of those fabulous Irving Berlin lyrics:

We’re having a heat wave,

 A tropical heat wave,

The temperature’s rising,

It isn’t surprising,

She certainly can can-can.

This week, I’m scaling back on all my activities. The heat has turned me into a slug. Though I didn’t quite plan it that way, it is a perfect week to shrink my perspective and set a slower pace – especially with the kids transitioning back to school.

Everest Lane House

Here at Everest Lane House, I’ve noticed the heat has dampened the kids appetites. Good thing, since I’m not doing much cooking and I’m definitely not baking. I’m serving lots of cold plates with shredded rotisserie chicken (so glad I prepared all those chickens back in May!), cheeses, yogurts, and other such simple fare for meals.

I’ve gone miniature on snack items as well. I love these little 7.5 oz sized sodas. They are the only size I buy any more. They offer perfect portion control and the kids don’t waste as much either.

7.5 oz pop       

My other favorite purchase for the kids is the little Ecuador Bananas. They are just 3 inches long. Same taste as a regular-sized banana with all the same nutritional value. But, they are much easier to add-in at snack timeespecially for kids with smaller appetites.

Ecuador Baby Bananas

I also think they look super cute in a basket on the breakfast table. In three little chomps, the kids can polish one off – so no more half-eaten bananas left on the kitchen counter.

Ecuador Baby Banana

In the Garden

This is the perfect week to take little, manageable steps in the garden. My dog tail cactus (love that name) has done fabulous on the southern deck. I can snap off some of the trailing tails and start some pots for friends.

Dog Tail Cactus

Here’s my ornamental hydrangea tree. It is absolutely gorgeous this year. It’s easy to forget about using ornamental trees for cut flowers, but these blooms are perfect in containers. In the morning, cut them at a diagonal and place them in a bucket of water right away. I love cut hydrangea on nightstands.

Hydrangea Tree

Speaking of glorious blooms, Black-Eyed Susans look happy as can be in the heat.

Black Eyed Susan

Small win. I smothered this little area that was covered in Creeping Buttercup with five layers of newspaper and cocoa bean mulch. Then I planted Rodger’s Flower or Rodgersia pinnate ‘Hercules’. Let’s hope Hercule’s is strong enough to beat the Creeping Buttercup.

Controlling Creeping Buttercup

In the South Patio, I’ve started harvesting cherry tomatoes. I bought the colorful cages last year at Home Depot. The cherry tomatoes are easier for the kids to harvest.
Cherry Tomato

I’m loving the Bush Cucumber I planted in containers on the South deck. Some vines grew over the edge but they are super easy to care for and I like them so much better than the standard cucumber cultivars.

Bush CucumberThe Red Lettuce that the kids direct sowed two weeks ago is ready to be thinned and transplanted into neat rows. We’ll direct sow again in containers on the North Porch once the heat wave passes.


Before I go, I have to show you this crazy awesome photo I found at Goodwill this week. It made me chuckle. Here’s to beating the heat 70’s style!

70s lake photo

Be sure to catch my latest podcast, Still Growing – you can catch Part 2 of my interview with Nancy Peters, The Weed Lady!

That’s the View From Up Here this week!

Still growing...

Jennifer Ebeling
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  1. Donna on August 31, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Oh, I feel the heat from here. You have us beat, but we were in the 90’s. The garden here is getting crispy without rain too. I like those little bananas, I hope I find them here. It must be a good year doe the hydrangeas. My tree is blooming like crazy too. I remember the 70’s even though a bit younger than those dude though.

    • Jennifer Ebeling on September 3, 2013 at 10:58 am

      Hi Donna –
      We’re cooling off quick now (chilly this morning actually) – but another shot of heat later this week. Yep. It’s been a spectacular Hydrangea Summer. I bet they’re selling like hotcakes!

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