Still Growing

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


Mastermind for 


  • Perfect for Writers, Bloggers, Podcasters, and Content Creators
  • Unlock new levels of visibility and engagement with your work.
  • Leverage tools and tech to improve workflows, systems, and productivity.
  • Learn how to identify and amplify your strengths to tap into your authenticity.

Mastermind for 

New Tools & Tech

  • Perfect for Folks wanting 1:1 guidance with New Tools & Tech
  • Learn WHAT new technology can speed up your systems.
  • Implement new tools into your workflows - have me show you HOW
  • Over 12 weeks, you will be introduced to over 30 new tools and tech to bring your processes up to speed
  • Minimize frustration and master the tech available to you in quick fashion with guided implementation and live weekly chats

Mastermind for

Professionals in Horticulture

  • Perfect for Designers, Landscape Professionals, and Garden Center Owner/Operators
  • Prioritize and focus on the actions you need to take to grow your business.
  • Learn the best practices used by Fortune 500 companies to hire, train, and coach employees to maximize your business.
  • Create a social media strategy for your business to build your brand and establish trust with your customers.


General Info: Masterminds

Mastermind groups are thoughtfully designed - bringing together people who share a strong desire for self-improvement, a passion to learn, and execute new initiatives at a strong and steady pace.
Mastermind members offer advisement, collaboration, new learning and bigger thinking during Zoom video calls and in our private Voxer forum. Members are selected for their drive and commitment level, their personality and strengths.
Esprit de Corp and expanded networks develop during Masterminds. When you join a Mastermind, you are part of an instant, exclusive community of forward-focused, driven individuals.



Mastermind Features

  • One 60 minute 1:1 session
  • 12 weeks support and commitment
  • A private Voxer community
  • 12 weeks Zoom Video 1 hour Mastermind Calls
  • Direct access to me via Voxer
  • Direct Access to the Mastermind participants (intelligent, curious, driven - in other words, folks just like you)

Make a Difference in Your Work this Year


What if all the decisions you need to make were made and you were able to simply + confidently do what you love?


Stop holding back on putting yourself out there. Your ideas, your plans, your future - it's time to make it happen in a way that's authentically you.


How are you different? What are your strengths? When you align your business with what you really want to accomplish, you can create momentum that feels amazing.

Ready for a Mastermind?


√  One 60 minute 1:1 session

√  12 weeks support and commitment

√  A private Voxer community

√  12 weeks Zoom Video 1 hour Mastermind Calls

√  Direct access to me via Voxer

√  Direct Access to the Mastermind participants (intelligent, curious, driven - in other words, folks just like you)


An Invitation to Mastermind

Joining a Mastermind was my way back to my blog, my podcast, and regular content creation. After participating in a facilitated Mastermind, I was writing with renewed purpose, had a solid grasp on what I wanted to accomplish with my brand, and better yet, I was back podcasting - something I thoroughly enjoy.

A recent Forbes article shared 7 Reasons Why A Mastermind Might Be Right For You.  Here's the list of benefits:


Membership in an Instant, Exclusive Community



Expanded Network

New Learning


Bigger Thinking


Clearly, Masterminds are an incredible way to maximize your business and personal growth. Being part of a Mastermind is not only worthwhile, it's fun!


I hope to meet you in one of my groups...

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