7-14-17 Botany Puns and Weeding Quotables


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This week's Quotables post is read aloud in the Quotables Segment included in the Garden News Roundup as part of the Still Growing Gardening Podcast - a weekly Podcast dedicated to helping you + your garden grow.  The Garden News Round Up is a curated group of posts and articles that I have shared over the past week with the listener community and in the Free Facebook Group: the Still Growing Podcast Group. 


In the quote segment this week, I wanted to share this cute little saying that Danny Perkins had shared with the group. It was a quote that said,

“Weeding the garden is like dusting the furniture. No one notices unless you don't do it.”

That was cute.


Urban Earth


On the 4th of July, Analytical Grammar shared a sign that was outside of the landscape business called Urban Earth and here's what they put on the sign outside their building:

“You can't plant flowers if you haven't botany.”

Get it?

People loved that. Patricia Chandler Newport chimed in, “I love a good pun.”

Berton Braley

Speaking of the word botany, as I was looking for something for the quote segment this week, I ran across this poem by Berton Braley who wrote a poem for a science newsletter back on March 9th, 1929 and it's simply called Botany.  




There should be no monotony

In studying your botany;

It helps to train

And spur the brain--

Unless you haven't gotany.


It teaches you, does Botany,

To know the plants and spotany,

And learn just why

They live or die--

In case you plant or potany.


You learn, from reading Botany,

Of wooly plants and cottony

That grow on earth,

And what they're worth,

And why some spots have notany.


You sketch the plants in Botany,

You learn to chart and plotany

Like corn or oats--

You jot down notes,

If you know how to jotany.


Your time, if you'll allotany,

Will teach you how and what any

Old plant or tree

Can do or be--

And that's the use of Botany!


Well hats off to Berton Braley for that lovely poem. 

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