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Plant Addiction

For this week's Quotables Segment, I have a fun story to tell you about.

Yesterday I was online. I'm in a number of groups that feature new blog posts that are written by garden writers. One popped up on my feed that was featured in a blog post on the site Garden with Diana (http://gardenwithdiana.com) and the title of a post immediately caught my attention. It was called Plant Support Group Needed - A Poem. 

As you know if you've been listening to the show for a while, I love to incorporate poems and quotes, little pieces of writing, and musings in this Quotables Segment. So, as I'm reading this blog post, I'm scrolling through, and I'm seeing all of the great pictures. Then, I get to the end of the blog post, and here is this poem that starts out with, "I need a support group for plant addicts like me".

I start reading this poem and I'm just dying laughing.

It is tremendous.

So, first I reached out to Diana Stoll. She's the author of this particular blog and I said, "Do you mind if I share this with my group? And, can I read your poem on my show?"

Diana quickly wrote back and she's like, "Absolutely. That sounds great. I would be so honored if you share my work."

Then, I thought - Wait a minute. Why should I read this? I should see if Diana would read it.

So, I wrote her back and I said, "Would you be willing to read your poem aloud to us?" And she's like "Absolutely."

So, next thing you know, we made arrangements to connect. That's just what happened. So, let me cue up my conversation with Diana, we'll have a quick chat and then I'll give you a chance to hear this wonderful poem she wrote about needing a support group for her plant shopping habit.

Diana Stoll

I need a support group
For plant addicts like me –
A group who understands
Why plants make me giddy.

I need a support group
Where everyone agrees
The smell of new mulch
Is all the perfume we need.

I need a support group
That will never judge
When my driveway’s so full of plants
The car just can’t budge.

I need a support group
That needs time off work
To vacation in the garden.
Who cares about housework?

I need a support group
That gardens at night
And to see what they’re doing
Wear hats with headlights.

I need a support group
That would rather get dirty
Than dress up for dinner
Or go to a party.

I need a support group
With folks I can share
The joys of the garden
And the plants that live there.

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“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson.

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