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SG561: Bringing Farms to Schools in Oregon with Rick Sherman

Bringing Farms to Schools in Oregon with Rick Sherman

Rick Sherman was hired by the Oregon Department of Education in 2012 as the Farm to School/School Garden coordinator after working for 32 years for a food service management company. The last 20 of those years have been spent as a Director of Nutrition Services in Eugene, Albany and Dallas (Oregon). Rick is a Master…

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SG579: Day Three of the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling

In today’s show, I’m wrapping up my three part series about the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling held in and around Washington DC. at the end of this past June. Day 3 was focused on gardens in rural areas outside of DC area, so we will be reviewing wonderful private and public gardens in areas like:…

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7-28-17 Garden News Roundup

Heard Weekly on the Still Growing Gardening Podcast Guest Update All right. Let’s kick things off here with the Guest Update Segment and this week I’m featuring Pam Penick who is without a doubt the most prolific writer about the Garden Blogger’s Fling and Pam was featured back in episode SG555. Pam’s the author of…

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SG558: Finding Joy in The Garden with Nell Foster

Finding Joy in The Garden with Neil Foster

Nell Foster’s garden blog, Joy Us Garden, celebrates all things garden as she shares her passion for plants, pruning, and the great outdoors! Nell recently packed her bags and moved to Tucson, Arizona after living in Santa Barbara, California for over 30 years. I love Nell’s perspective after working almost two decades in design and landscaping. Nell also has a fun YouTube channel which is filled with lovely DIY tutorials.

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Still Growing Podcast

The Garden News Roundup Top of the show Every. Single. Week. Each week, the show begins with the Garden News Roundup.  Topics covered include: the guest update, sustainability, continuing ed, DIY, plant spotlight, in the news, dream guest, science, shopping, and inspiration. Twenty Reasons NOT to Garden and WHY I IGNORE THEM ALL with Garden Humorist Luke…

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The Still Growing Gardening Podcast helping you + your garden grow Twenty Reasons NOT to Garden and WHY I IGNORE THEM ALL with Garden Humorist Luke Ruggenberg Luke Ruggenberg is on the show today. Luke is the author of Twenty Reasons Not To Garden (And Why I Ignore Them All) and it was that clever book title…

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SG524 The Peaceful Valley Grow Organic Seed Catalog with Sarah Griffin Boubacar

Sarah Griffin Boubacar 300

I can’t imagine Spring without my trusty Peaceful Valley Grow Organic seed catalog. Beautifully illustrated by Randy Griffis, the Peaceful Valley Grow Organic catalog has been an invaluable resource for organic gardeners since 1976. The multi-talented and wise garden guru Sarah Griffin Boubacar returns to Still Growing to give us a guided tour through one of the country’s best organic seed catalogs.

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SG523 Julia Coffey Reviews The Seeds Trust Catalog

If you’ve ever wanted a seed expert by your side as you flip through your favorite seed catalog, then this show is for you. Julia Coffey, Seeds Trust, takes us through a personal tour of the Seeds Trust Seed Catalog. Sharing her favorite varieties, insights on the best selling seeds, and highlighting plants that might otherwise go unnoticed. Her appreciation for her plants is inspiring and the offerings are perfect for those looking to maximize a short growing season or overcome the challenging conditions of high altitude or dessert climates.

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From Jennifer’s Desk… I realized something after having four kids in five years, having a great career in the corporate world, raising giants, owning a dog, and celebrating 25 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart. Milestones are not finish-lines.  And, there is no end to learning. I’m still growing. I enjoy writing about my family,…

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