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In this weeks episode of Still Growing (SG523), Julia Coffey walks us through the Seeds Trust Catalog.

So, late this past Winter, I had some girlfriends over for a seed catalog party. As we were trying to settle on our massive group order, I had the idea to ask experts from the seed companies to walk us through their seed catalogs. We – like any curious gardener – wanted to have the personal insights, knowledge and passion right from the source. That’s how the idea for this show came about.

Julia Coffey

Introducing our tour guide through the Seeds Trust Catalog…. Give it up for Miss Julia Coffey!!

FYI – In last weeks episode, we learned that in 2011, Julia Coffey bought the Seeds Trust Seed Company from her mentor and seed saving pioneer Bill McDorman. Julia basically provided us with a primer on seeds – especially their creative power – and how the gardening community can benefit from a deeper appreciation and respect for seeds.

Whether you’re a devout Seeds Trust customer or a complete newbie to the world of seed catalogs, this show will make you a more informed seed shopper.

Show Highlights:

  • The Carnival Clown Carrot ( 6:48)

I think they’re fantastic and I would suggest growing these Carnival Clown Carrots for multiple reasons. 

The biggest reason is because they are gorgeous. They’re big and pretty sturdy.

And, they’re somebody’s heirloom; This is a variety of carrots that has someone’s heart and soul in it.

Thunderfoot is selecting for this really light pink magenta color that you don’t see in carrots

The second year that this carrot plant flowers, you’ll begin to see the colors in the flower.

It’s a real treasure.

 Thunderfoot with Carnival Clown Carrot Mix

  • Buckets of Seeds (8:50)
  • The Soviet Union Sampler Tomato Collection (10:38)
  • Bush Bean – Provider (11:35)

My best-selling bean is the Provider bush bean. It’s really early – so it’s 50 days.

It’s really dependable – so the name Provider is spot on. 

It’s nice and compact.

  • Beets (13:00 )
  • Carrots – Kinko 6″ Carrot (14:00)

I want to draw your attention to one that I’m thinking of called Kinko.

It’s this incredible forearm-length, orange, heirloom carrot.

  • Corn – Candy Mountain (15:19 )

Candy Mountain Corn Seeds Trust 6

  • Cucumber – Lemon (16:55 )

Lemon Cucumber Seeds Trust

  • Arugala and French Sorrel (18:10)
  • Kale – Dwarf Blue Curled (19:25)

One of my favorite kales is the Dwarf Blue Curled.

One of reasons why is because it’s got this sea blue, sea green color to it. It’s just really pleasing to the eye.

So, not only is it nutritious and delicious, but it’s also just gorgeous.

I love to grow it because it adds this dynamic to my garden that just makes it look really great.

  • Mesclun Mix (19:45)   
  • Onions – Purplette (20:20)

 My favorite is this little Purplette onion. They’re just special. I love them.

They are really delicate and lovely and kind of mild. 

Purplette Onion Seeds Trust

  • Nasturtium (20:50) 

Nasturtium is very special. Not only is it beautiful and makes the garden look lovely, but also you can eat them. You can eat the blooms – the little flowers. You put them in a salad and it kind of just adds extra interest. And, your salad has all these little flowers all over the top of it – it’s so cool.

They actually go well planted with squash and other things. They’re a nice companion plant. They bring good insects to the garden. So, they’re a really great thing to plant in and among your crops.

  • Peppers (21:27)
  • Spinach – Bloomsdale long standing (23:00)

Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach Seeds Trust

  • Squash – Yellow Crookneck (23:25)

Our squash – I love these guys. You kind of can’t go wrong.

But, my absolute favorite is the Yellow Crookneck because I like to pick them as babies.

And, you don’t have to cook them or anything. When they’re babies, you can just eat them.

They’re just so refreshing and tender and sweet. 

  • Chard (24:20)
  • Tomato – ( 24:30)

Galina – it is that yellow cherry tomato.

These are the best. They are so prolific.

They produce so much and they continue to do it. So, they’re an indeterminate.

An indeterminate tomato puts its energy into making leaves and shoots – the green parts.

It’s fruits come on at different times and they tend to continue as they come off.

This Galina is just going to keep producing and keep producing and keep producing.

You’ll go out there and you will have one day of a ton of tomatoes and then you’ll see green ones and you’ll come back the next day and then next week and they’ll just keep producing.

Whereas, below it, the Golden Nugget – that little guy is going to be working his whole time to give you all of the fruit at the end of maturity.

So, you’ll pick them, typically, all at once – or around the same time.

Cherry Tomatoes Seeds Trust

Galinas 2

Galina Tomatoes

  • Large Tomato – Mother Russia & Moscow (29:20)

Mother Russia is a huge tomato.

It has this taste. So Russian tomatoes – particularly our Siberians – just like Russian music – have this very Russian quality to them. So, they have this taste that is called the Russian taste.

The Mother Russia tomato is huge. It is a brilliant red. It’s gorgeous cut open – glistening and deep colored. It has this amazing taste. It’s not in the catalog, so check it out online.

Sasha's Altai Seeds Trust

  • Tomatillo (30:53) 
  • Wildflowers (31:35) 

Arnica Seeds Trust

Elephant Head Seeds Trust

Scarlet Gilia Seeds Trust

Heart of Idaho Wildflower Mix Seeds Trust

  • Herbs (38:40)

French Sorrel Seeds Trust

  • Repellents (41:25)

Repellent Plants Seeds Trust

  • Grasses (42:10)
  • Online Only  Feature: High High Tomatoes (45:57)
  • 2014 planning at  Seeds Trust (46:56)

Basic Seed Saving by Bill McDorman Seeds Trust 

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