SG568: Sharing Your Garden – Special Tips for Welcoming Guests and Maximizing Your Happiness on Your Garden’s Big Day!

Are garden parties, garden tours, or open days on your summer calendar this year?

No matter the occasion, sharing your garden is a lovely, generous, and memorable gift for your guests. But, the most important question for you, as the gardener and host, is: how can you make the gift sharing of your garden life-giving to you? Certainly, hosts who find themselves over-tired, physically exhausted, stressed out, or financially overspent will find little joy on their garden’s big day.

Today, I’ll talk about how you can focus on the right things to maximize your happiness during your garden event. Plus, I’ll share my tips for adding some extra special little touches that can make your garden stand out among the other events or parties your guests will attend this summer.

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“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson.

Sharing Your Garden - Special Tips for Welcoming Guests and Maximizing Your Happiness on Your Garden’s Big Day!

Interview Questions

Don’t put together a to-do list! It’ll drive you crazy!

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Focus on the high points of what makes your garden special, instead.

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Plan your garden tour after you’ve finished working on that big project as a celebration!

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Worried about strangers entering your home? Have a helper escort them to the restroom.

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Plan for your garden tour to extend into the evening time.

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Need the perfect garden party soundtrack? I have some suggestions!

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Burlap is your friend!

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Save time by having drink dispensers, cake stands, and tea cups to prop up smaller plants.

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In new garden trends, centerpieces are going to be very big this year.

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Mini floral bouquets can help keep your budget at a minimum.

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Do you have any special spaces on your property? Think about incorporating seating there.

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Remember, it’s important to take care of yourself too! What will you be eating and drinking while you’re hosting?

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Have moss growing on your property? You can add a nice decorative touch to the scenery with it.

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Keep attractive waste bins handy on the day of your event.

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Going to have a super hot summer this year? Consider getting misters!

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What kind of easy foods can you serve your guests? Finger sandwiches!

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Already hosted a garden tour? You can maximize it by volunteering to host the church group or book club shortly after the event.

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Also, remember, you don’t have to cook if you don’t want to!

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Always think about the comfort of your guests and how you can make your garden super inviting. Pillows, blankets, cushions for the stone benches, etc!

Time Stamp 1:09:30

Distribute your ‘stations’ aka lemon stands, food, and other stops evenly throughout your property. 

Time Stamp 1:01:35

Have some of your friends come over to help them greet new guests.

Time Stamp 1:15:35

If you’re doing a city tour or a special kind of tour you’re apart of, consider reaching out to landscapers, nurseries, and your community. Invite the media!

Time Stamp 1:16:45

Bring experts to your tour.

Time Stamp 1:21:05

Go out there and network! Your best ideas will come from other garden tours.

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Sharing Your Garden - Special Tips for Welcoming Guests and Maximizing Your Happiness on Your Garden’s Big Day!


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I never write reviews but this is the best gardening podcast out there. Jennifer has interesting topics and guests and is not one bit annoying like some others are. I love that she involves her kids at the end of the podcast - usually with poetry or music. Really good podcast.

- Barbcfc, Mar 23, 2016

Still Growing is one of the reliably informative gardening podcasts from North America. The format consists of an intro (personal gardening status chat, seasonal remarks), an extended interview with a guest, and an outro with funny outtakes, side remarks, and some chatter (poems, readings) from the host's children. The podcast is focused on reliable knowledge - the guests are typically experts like academics, master gardeners, gardening entrepreneurs or public garden leaders. The intro and especially the outro give it a homey feel. Given I live in the high northern region, just a little below the Polar Circle, I'm always looking for more cold-weather oriented gardening information. Jennifer Ebeling is in Minnesota, so that's helpful to me! Vegetable gardening (my main interest) gets a good share, but is not predominant. Most topics transcend your specific gardening interest and are applicable to many styles: landscaping principles, vermicomposting, greenhouses. The episodes are typically an hour long, which is just fine for me.

- cwaigl, May 29, 2014

Best gardening podcast out there. Her preparedness leads to a good interaction with the guests and brings out the best in them. Very informative and yet personable.

- Corn bug, June 15, 2016

This is a great podcast. Really well produced and organized with good sound quality. I love the mix of information and personal touches. Jennifer has great guests and asks the best questions. You can tell she really does her homework. I listen to several gardening podcasts and this is my absolute favorite!

- So Cal Gardengirl, June 19,2016

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Jennifer Ebeling
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