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Twenty Reasons NOT to Garden and WHY I IGNORE THEM ALL with Garden Humorist Luke Ruggenberg

Luke Ruggenberg is on the show today. Luke is the author of Twenty Reasons Not To Garden (And Why I Ignore Them All) and it was that clever book title that lead me to buy Luke’s book and then track him down on Twitter and get him to be a guest on the show.     Luke…

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That's why the Still Growing archives offer every episode I've produced. In most cases, the content in the shows is evergreen - so even older episodes are helping you + your garden grow well into the future.

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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

Listeners Favorite Episodes

Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas is one of the most versatile and talented women I’ve had the pleasure to interview.  An academy award nominated filmmaker and imaginative home cook, she is the author of several incredible cookbooks including The Vegetarian Epicure and the James Beard Award–winning Love Soup.  In Anna's warm and lively style, she shows us how to cook for the family table; with over 150 recipes for all tastes, and menus for every occasion.  Anna is featured in episode 537 Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore and 547 Holiday Menu Planning.

Eric Sannerud

Eric Sannerud is a fourth-generation back-to-the-land farmer. By Spring 2017, Eric Sannerud's Mighty Axe Hops will be the largest grower and harvester of hops in the State of Minnesota. I was especially inspired by Eric's Ted Talk which focused on a significant issue in the food system’s future: our farmers are aging. This young farming entrepreneur's business has done nothing but shoot up - just like his hops plants. Eric is featured in episode 532.

Marta McDowell

Marta McDowell Marta McDowell combines her love for history and gardening in her books and the trend continues with All the Presidents’ Gardens. In her book, Marta curates facts and stories - from the fascinating to the charming - about each of the Presidents’ gardens and their significance over the years. This interview offers an in-depth look into the delightful aspects of the White House Grounds and how they have evolved along with the gardens of America. Marta is featured in episode 545.

Joel Karsten

Joel Karsten pioneered his now popular method of Straw Bale Gardening almost 25 years ago. The author of Straw Bale Gardens, Joel receives letters from grateful gardeners from around the globe. In April of last year, Joel was invited by the Korean Trade Partners (KOTRA) to Cambodia to teach Straw Bale Gardening using plentiful Rice Straw. By mitigating challenges and leveraging the ingenuity of the agricultural community, Joel’s method is increasing self reliance and improving food security for Cambodians.   

Joel is featured in episodes 515 Joel’s Story, 516 How to Straw Bale Garden, and 517 Advanced Straw Bale Garden Techniques and Q&A and 556 Joel's Trip to Cambodia.


Helping You & Your Garden Grow

New Episodes Released Every Friday (1)

Listener Love!

I never write reviews but this is the best gardening podcast out there. 

Jennifer has interesting topics and guests and is not one bit annoying like some others are.

I love that she involves her kids at the end of the podcast - usually with poetry or music. Really good podcast.

- Barbcfc

Still Growing is one of the most reliably informative gardening podcasts from North America.  

The format consists of an intro (personal gardening status chat, seasonal remarks), an extended interview with a guest, and an outro with funny outtakes, side remarks, and some chatter (poems, readings) from the host's children.

The podcast is focused on reliable knowledge - the guests are typically experts like academics, master gardeners, gardening entrepreneurs or public garden leaders. The intro and especially the outro give it a homey feel.

Given I live in the high northern region, just a little below the Polar Circle, I'm always looking for more cold-weather oriented gardening information. Jennifer Ebeling is in Minnesota, so that's helpful to me!

Vegetable gardening (my main interest) gets a good share, but is not predominant. Most topics transcend your specific gardening interest and are applicable to many styles: landscaping principles, vermicomposting, greenhouses.

The episodes are typically an hour long, which is just fine for me.

- cwaigl

Best gardening podcast out there. Her preparedness leads to a good interaction with the guests and brings out the best in them. Very informative and yet personable.

- Corn bug

This is a great podcast.

Really well produced and organized with good sound quality.

I love the mix of information and personal touches. Jennifer has great guests and asks the best questions. You can tell she really does her homework. I listen to several gardening podcasts and this is my absolute favorite!

- So Cal Gardengirl

*This show is Growing STRONG*

"Jennifer is a terrific interviewer and host who brings out super information all sorts of plant and garden info.

From the present (sequoias and drought/using logs as plant stands), future (hydroponics on Mars), and past.

For me, it was my book about All the Presidents' Gardens, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue--yes, the gardens and grounds of the White House. Presidents from Washington to Obama, US horticultural trends for 2+ centuries. Stand (and garden) tall!"


*A fun podcast for gardeners of all ages and stages*

"Jennifer has a wonderful presence.

Her friendly demeanor and thoughtful questions bring out the best information and great ideas from her guests. It's a joy to listen to Still Growing no matter what the topic."

- Plant Poster

*A fabulous show and wealth of information!*

"Still Growing is an entertaining, incredibly informative show that gardeners will love. Jennifer is a fantastic host. She's incredibly personable, arranges interesting experts, and provides great questions for her guests. The podcast feels like a garden party--and everyone's invited! I wish I could sit with Jennifer in her garden and talk all day about gardening. She's a pleasure to listen to."

- Julie @ Garden Delights

*Very informative!*

"Jennifer writes detailed and thought-provoking questions for her guests, which leads to some really great, detailed answers!

There’s so much to learn in the gardening world, and Jennifer does a great job turning over every rock so her listeners receive legitimate (and helpful!) information!"

- JenMCG34

*A deep and thoughtful listen everytime!*

"I love listening to Jennifer when I'm working in the garden.

I find Still Growing to be the deep dive experience that I'm looking for while mindlessly weeding, watering, and tending to my plants. Interesting guests, great subject matter, and plenty of green-thumb knowledge is shared.

I love it - keep up the great work!"

- JennyGrows

*Jennifer's show rocks!*

"Not only is this show super informative if you're looking for more on gardening and what is happening in that world, but Jennifer herself is such a fun personality to listen to. She's witty and sharp and full of great insight and advice in her own right."

- Spiritof608

"I've listened to the podcasts and they're well done...

But, it wasn't until I had the opportunity to get behind the mic for an interview with Jennifer that I realized how much work she puts into every episode:

  • detailed questions,
  • preparation in advance,
  • and how well they're edited - seemlessly so you don't even notice.

Great stuff and glad to be a part of it.

- Josh Volk

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