SG512 Emily Tepe: Author of The Edible Landscape

Edible Landscape with Emily Tepe Part 1

In this episode of Still Growing…(SG), I feature SG512 – Emily Tepe: Author of The Edible Landscape . Emily is an edible landscaping expert and a garden writer/researcher.

I discovered Emily through her blog,; eating in season from the edible landscape. On her blog, Emily shares her genuine appreciation for the aesthetic value of edibles; and she has a particular passion for Swiss Chard. Often times, it’s those little details (like having a soft spot for Swiss Chard), that help us find those kindred spirits among us. I’m quite certain that bit about Swiss Chard lead me straight to Emily.

Ironically, she can’t have a garden of her own… it’s against the rules where she lives. Why? Because she’s living on an historical ranch INSIDE the Grand Teton National Park! (All gardeners must make some trade-offs!)
On writing her book with Voyageur Press, Emily says, “The book happened the way we dream of books happening…an editor who read my blog contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in writing a book on edible landscaping. How could I resist? Just about two years later, the book became a reality.”

Emily’s interview is divided into two parts. This episode is Part 1.

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