SG523 Julia Coffey Reviews The Seeds Trust Catalog

If you’ve ever wanted a seed expert by your side as you flip through your favorite seed catalog, then this show is for you. Julia Coffey, Seeds Trust, takes us through a personal tour of the Seeds Trust Seed Catalog. Sharing her favorite varieties, insights on the best selling seeds, and highlighting plants that might otherwise go unnoticed. Her appreciation for her plants is inspiring and the offerings are perfect for those looking to maximize a short growing season or overcome the challenging conditions of high altitude or dessert climates.

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SG522 Julia Coffey Profile at Seeds Trust

Julia Coffey Profile at Seeds Trust

In this weeks episode of Still Growing (SG522), we meet Julia Coffey. In 2011, Julia Coffey bought the Seeds Trust Seed Company from her mentor and seed saving pioneer Bill McDorman. Passionate, eloquent, and a yoga teacher to boot, Julia’s deep love for nature inspires her every single day. If you’ve never given seeds much thought, you’re appreciation, wonder, and regard for seeds is about to change.

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