SG511 Nancy Peters The Weed Lady: 10 Ways to Tell if It’s a Weed (Part 2)

Nancy Peters (The Weed Lady) Part 2

In this episode of Still Growing…(SG), I feature Part 2 of my interview with The Weed Lady – Master Gardener Nancy Peters. Part 1 was featured in last week’s Still Growing episode – SG510. To recap, Nancy cultivated her passion for weeds after a successful career as a Wall Street Analyst. Nancy approach to the study of weeds is born from her curiosity and respect for their resiliency. Nancy says, “As you get to know and recognize the weed, you can nod at it’s good features or chuckle at it’s ill-repute. You can make a better, informed decision about what to do about it. Whether or not to pull it out or what changes to make if you want to keep it out long term and with less effort. It seems to me that no absolute good or evil holds sway in the garden. Each good has some drawbacks. Each evil has some of it’s benefits.” As a reminder, Part 1 ended with a revealing look at the Canadian Thistle. In this episode, we continue that discussion and delve further into the fascinating biology of weeds.

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