SG534: Create a Vibrant Garden Blog with Scrumptious Harvest Recipes with Jen McGuinness of Frau Zinnie

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It’s a rare gardener who: 1. loves rabbits, 2. co-exists with a mother groundhog nesting under the potting shed, 3. respects the right to life of black walnut trees, and 4. gingerly saves a dragonfly caught in a spider web. Indeed, Jen McGuinness just might be one of the most kind-hearted gardeners on the planet. With a gentle wit that winds it’s way into her posts on her blog, Frau Zinnie, Jen McGuinness is also a professional freelance photographer by trade. Frau Zinnie highlights Jen’s personal gardening experiences in Portland, Connecticut. She also has a lovely (and hilarious) Twitter presence you must follow!

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