SG558: Finding Joy in The Garden with Nell Foster

Finding Joy in The Garden with Neil Foster

Nell Foster’s garden blog, Joy Us Garden, celebrates all things garden as she shares her passion for plants, pruning, and the great outdoors! Nell recently packed her bags and moved to Tucson, Arizona after living in Santa Barbara, California for over 30 years. I love Nell’s perspective after working almost two decades in design and landscaping. Nell also has a fun YouTube channel which is filled with lovely DIY tutorials.

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SG529 Robert Kourik Understanding Roots

In this week’s special double-length episode of Still Growing (SG529), Robert Kourik, the author of 15 gardening books including Understanding Roots: Discover How to Make Your Garden Flourish. Imagine if you could go out into your garden and see what is going on below ground. There is a hidden world of roots many of us don’t every really think about – but Robert Kourik has been thoughtfully researching roots for well over a decade.

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