Bachman’s Spring Idea House Sunroom


One of the most creative ideas in the Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016 was the use of wall paper to achieve design illusions.

In the sunroom, wallpaper that looked like a tin ceiling was used as a faux panel in the room.


Live and up close, it was a very cool effect and it was the one thing I heard all the other bloggers mention throughout the evening.


Here are a few extra shots of the tin ceiling wallpaper I found on our camera rolls (Emma helped me shoot this).


I’m telling ya, the tin ceiling effect looked pretty darn real in person.


Before I move on, let me tell you about this wall covering and how you can find it if you are interested.

In fact, I just saw that someone actually tried to track this wallpaper down after seeing it at the Ideas house and ended up asking for specs on the Hirshfields website.  Here’s a summary of the comment thread with the information you need:

Can anyone tell me who the manufacturer is of the ceiling tile wallpaper used in the Bachman’s Spring Idea House. It is described as “Hirshfield’s 2701-22305” ?

It’s from a book called “Reclaimed” and the distributor is Brewster.


I fell in love with two one-of-a-kind vintage pieces in the sunroom.

Incidentally, nearly every single item in the Bachman’s Spring Ideas House is priced for sale. So, some of the items with blue dots on their price tag are one-of-a-kind item (like my two favorite pieces) are available only at the house. They can be purchased on a first-come basis. Buyers can pick up or arrange to have these items delivered after the house closes on April 17.

The items without blue dots are available at Bachman’s stores

My first favorite item is this vintage rolling rack repurposed as a beverage or breakfast serving cart that was painted gray and off-white.


The other piece I favorited was this buffet console. Oh man. Love this guy.


Loved the hardware, loved the paint, loved the deep baseboard. So much goodness in one piece. Super warm tones in every aspect of it.

I actually just plopped down in one of the chairs across from it in the living room just to stare at it for a bit. Dreaming.

Here’s a close-up…


The sunroom carried the pops of coral accents (see the pillow below) – and that was the signature color of the Bachman’s Idea house this Spring (2016).


The table setting was to-die-for.  

Great little decorative touches here – especially in the napkins that were tied together to make a flower in the bowls and the galvanized metal chargers beneath the plates. Very clever.


And, check out the radiator cover with the reclaimed wood top.  They had one in the dining room as well. So sweet.


Here are a few extra photos of the room from different angles.


A wide shot of the buffet, the beverage cart and the table.




One last look at the sunroom from the front door. Makes me want a sunroom.IMG_2735Resized

Note: The Bachman’s Spring Idea House 2016 is open through April 17, 2016.

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