SG 503: The Renegade Gardener – Don Engebretson (Part 1)

The Renegade Gardener Don EngebretsonIn this episode of Still Growing… (SG), I am joined by my friend and fellow Master Gardener, Mary Lynn KenKnight.  Mary Lynn and I had the pleasure to interview Don Engebretson – the Renegade Gardener.

We had so much fun and learned more than we could have ever anticipated by listening to Don.  It quickly became apparent that an hour interview was just not going to be enough to capture all the things we wanted to discuss with Don.  So Don’s interview is broken into two separate shows.  The first half of the interview will be featured in today’s podcast and next Friday I will release Part 2. This episode offers excellent insight into Don’s background and how he came to be known as The Renegade Gardener. Gardeners of all skill levels will appreciate listening to Don’s practical advice and guidance gleaned from a life-long love of gardening.

SG 503: The Renegade Gardener – Don Engebretson (Part 1) June 21st, 2013

In this episode, you’ll find out about:

  • How Don came to be known as the Renegade Gardener
  • Why it’s important to learn the Latin names of plants
  • The value of spending time in your garden every day
  • The aspects of his career that Don has found most challenging
  • How Don was introduced to gardening
  • Don’s approach to garden trends
  • Don’s methods for working with new landscaping customers
  • How Don uses his intuition to guide his aesthetic judgements
  • Don’s tips and tricks for educating yourself in the field of gardening
  • The first garden that made a lasting impression on Don
  • What Don has learned through years of writing about plants and gardening
  • Don’s perspective on new gardeners
  • Don’s advice to new gardeners: pitfalls to avoid so that your gardening efforts can be successful.

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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