SG537: All Together Now: How Anna Thomas Creates Dinner for Everyone at the Table with Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore

Anna Thomas is one of the most versatile and talented women I’ve had the pleasure to interview.  An academy award nominated filmmaker and imaginative home cook, she is the author of several incredible cookbooks including The Vegetarian Epicure and the James Beard Award–winning Love Soup.  Her latest book, Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore welcomes all types of food eaters and in Anne's warm and lively style, she shows us how to cook for the family table; with over 150 recipes for all tastes, and menus for every occasion.

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“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson.


Interview Questions

Share a little bit about yourself.

Time Stamp: 10:10

How did The Vegetarian Epicure get its title?

Time Stamp: 19:00

Could you share the story of the encounter in Union Square that led you to write Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore?

Time Stamp: 34:40

People have a stronger need than ever to spend time together, do you think that is drawing people to your work?

Time Stamp: 43:15

You have to share the story of The Great Pumpkin!

Time Stamp: 48:40

Do you think the younger generations is less meat-centric?

Time Stamp: 52:40

You were invited for drinks with this lovely retired couple in Lumiere and the host said something so moving. Can you share that story?

Time Stamp: 55:20

Could you walk us through your Mezze table menu and share some tips for gardeners in terms of adding seasonal harvests in simple ways?

Time Stamp: 58:10

Polenta! What is it and how can we make it?

Time Stamp: 1:09:30

Walk us through how you make your Farmer's Market Tomato Salad. 

Time Stamp: 1:13:45

Can you share your White Gazpacho soup with cucumbers and grapes recipe?

Time Stamp: 1:16:25

You offer some fantastic ideas for pesto: Mojo Verde pesto, Carrot-Top pesto, and that Garlic Cannellini spread.

Time Stamp: 1:20:20

Is risotto hard to make?

Time Stamp: 1:26:35

What are some of your favorite desserts?

Time Stamp: 1:29:30

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What listeners are saying...

I never write reviews but this is the best gardening podcast out there. Jennifer has interesting topics and guests and is not one bit annoying like some others are. I love that she involves her kids at the end of the podcast - usually with poetry or music. Really good podcast.

- Barbcfc, Mar 23, 2016

Still Growing is one of the reliably informative gardening podcasts from North America. The format consists of an intro (personal gardening status chat, seasonal remarks), an extended interview with a guest, and an outro with funny outtakes, side remarks, and some chatter (poems, readings) from the host's children. The podcast is focused on reliable knowledge - the guests are typically experts like academics, master gardeners, gardening entrepreneurs or public garden leaders. The intro and especially the outro give it a homey feel. Given I live in the high northern region, just a little below the Polar Circle, I'm always looking for more cold-weather oriented gardening information. Jennifer Ebeling is in Minnesota, so that's helpful to me! Vegetable gardening (my main interest) gets a good share, but is not predominant. Most topics transcend your specific gardening interest and are applicable to many styles: landscaping principles, vermicomposting, greenhouses. The episodes are typically an hour long, which is just fine for me.

- cwaigl, May 29, 2014

Best gardening podcast out there. Her preparedness leads to a good interaction with the guests and brings out the best in them. Very informative and yet personable.

- Corn bug, June 15, 2016

This is a great podcast. Really well produced and organized with good sound quality. I love the mix of information and personal touches. Jennifer has great guests and asks the best questions. You can tell she really does her homework. I listen to several gardening podcasts and this is my absolute favorite!

- So Cal Gardengirl, June 19,2016

Jennifer Ebeling
Jennifer Ebeling is a proud Minnesotan and U of MN alumni. Gooooooo Gophers! Each week, Jennifer produces and hosts Still Growing - a gardening podcast dedicated to helping you and your garden grow. The show is an in-depth interview format. Guests featured on the show share a passion for gardening and include authors, bloggers, professional gardeners, etc. Listeners and guests of the show can join the Still Growing community on Facebook. It's a place to ask questions, share garden stories, interact with great guests featured on the show, and continue to grow and learn. Jennifer and her husband Philip have four children, a big golden lab named Sonny, and live in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota. P.S. When she's not teaching her four kids a new card game - or teaching them how to drive a car - Jennifer loves inspiring individuals and groups to maximize and personalize their home & garden.
Jennifer Ebeling
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